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What does a ceremony consist of


The ceremonies of Filder Agustín respect the tradition, the rituals, practices and beliefs of his indigenous Shipibo community. To drink Ayahuasca requires physical and mental preparation. The patient must be conscious that it is a strong medicine and that it is going to bring them to a state of “mareación” in which the person is being purified, and the illness purged.

The shaman is therefore moderating and harmonizing the different states in which the patient passes through. During two days, it is preferable not to eat meat or much fat and not to consume alcohol or drugs. The day of the ceremony, is better not to have dinner and to eat a light lunch. The mental preparation consists of thinking about we want to cure, what personal problems we want to resolve. It is highly recommended to have an intention during the ceremony and the moment you drink the Ayahuasca to orient yourself toward the stated problem.

The ceremony is at night and begins at 8:30pm. It generally lasts seven hours, but that can vary according to the case. The ceremony is held in a special place in Filder’s house. Each person is seated on a mattress with blankets and pillow. The shaman begins the ceremony with a song that is dedicated to the Ayahuasca. Then, he blows smoke from the sacred tobacco into the bottle so that the medicine protects the ceremony and its participants from any bad energy.

The tobacco is smoked in the traditional pipe called cashimpo. Before inviting the medicine to the patient, the shaman checks the pulse and the energy by placing hand above the head of the participant, with the purpose of identifying how much Ayahuasca the individual should ingest. Then he invites them to take the medicine. The shaman also consumes the medicine in order to be more connected, to feel the state of the patient and have the power to help them cure themselves. Later, he extinguishes the light. The ceremony is held in the dark.

Finally, when shaman feels the effects of the Ayahuasca, he begins to sing the icaros. For the patient, the effect begins by a purification of the body that can be very violent or not. Vomit, weeping, diarrhea are the most common manifestations. That allows the body to extract everything that causes the person harm. Once the body is purified the patient begins to have clear visions about their problems and thus can solve them little by little. The time that the therapy takes varies according to each case. For some, a single ceremony is sufficient, others need more ceremonies.

The work with Ayahuasca will affect you little by little. The shaman sings songs for each of its patients. If one cannot control the effect of the medicine, he will sing icaro to him that will lower the effect of the medicine. At the end of the ceremony, the body and the spirit are purified and the patient feels well and light. The shaman sings icaro to close the session and to protect them from negative energies.

Preparacion de Ayahuasca
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